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Drain Pipe Relining

Expert Drain & Pipe Relining in Melton by Luke Ginger Plumbing

Pipe relining is a great alternative to digging up and replacing damaged sewer pipes. At Luke Ginger Plumbing we can assess your situation and handle your pipe relining requirements with ease to help your property’s drainage work efficiently.

We utilise a trenchless approach, so you can avoid excavation around your property, eliminating the risk of digging up sidewalks or trees. Our efficient process allows you to have the necessary pipe work without drastically interrupting your day-to-day.

From Melton and Bacchus Marsh to Gesbourne, Luke Ginger Plumbing will implement our streamlined techniques, inserting brand-new pipe tubing saturated in epoxy into your existing pipes. This first step will inflate the tubing, and we’ll essentially seal it into place with LED blue light technology, steam, or hot air.

The result? A new, sealed lining in the walls of your failing pipes that can last decades. We promise fantastic results for all of our clients, and we’ll always discuss the depth of your issues with you in detail before beginning the necessary work.

Access to a skilled plumber for your leaking sewer pipes is imperative to solving the issue before it gets out of control. Find out more about the sewer relining in Melton today!

Your Trusted Pipe Reline Solutions Company

The Luke Ginger Plumbing team knows how challenging it can be to commit to plumbing work without knowing the extent of the problem. We’ll always be honest and upfront regarding how long a particular process typically takes and what it entails. Sewer pipe lining for your Bacchus Marsh business will generally follow these steps.

    • 01. Camera Inspection: We’ll begin by confirming the condition of your pipes, including where they’re cracked or leaking, and the severity of the issues.
    • 02. Cleaning: Removing blockages and debris from your existing pipes is a critical part of the repair process.
    • 03. Measuring: Our team will take approximate measurements of your pipes so we have a working knowledge of size.
    • 04. Pipe Replacement Prep: Now it’s time to prepare your replacement tubes, usually made from polyester, fibreglass, or something similar.
    • 05. Epoxy Placement: Next, we’ll saturate the new piping with a durable epoxy resin and flip it inside out via an inverter drum, as we want the epoxy on the outside of the new pipes, so they can perfectly adhere to the old ones.
    • 06. Tube Placement: Now it’s time to take the new tubing and slide it through the walls of your existing piping system until it’s in the right place.
    • 07. Curing: The curing part of this process is how we seal your new pipes. We use advanced technology (hot air, steam, LED light) to draw out moisture and allow the resin to solidify. Every method works beautifully, but LED blue light dries much faster.

Once this drain relining process in Melton is complete, we can restore the flow to your sewer pipes.

The Benefits Of Relining Your Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipe lining comes with a slew of benefits for your property. Because Luke Ginger Plumbing performs this trenchless process effectively, we can guarantee you’ll see a few benefits after a successful pipe replacement. They include the following:

  • Digging and excavation aren’t required on the property, so you can save the pavements, trees, or parking area outside your property.
  • We can spare the risk of damage to underground utilities.
  • We’ll effectively target intrusion from surrounding tree roots to help with erosion reduction.
  • Since we don’t have to dig up the pavement or street, repaving after the process is unnecessary.
  • No digging means no need to stop traffic, including foot traffic.
  • The flow of your pipes can drastically improve, depending on the severity of the leaks or the state of the lines previously.

Avoiding excavation tends to mean a more cost-effective option, which we’re happy to discuss with you in detail.

As you can see, taking a trenchless, relatively non-invasive approach to fixing your sewer pipes can take the stress out of the situation for you. You can contact our team today to chat more about our process and how quickly we can consult with you concerning your situation and possible costs!


Pipe Relining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our clients have many questions regarding the methods we use to reline sewer pipes, and we hope this FAQ section will help point you down the right path regarding your drain relining needs.

How do I know if I need pipe relining?

A few instances will alert you to the need for new pipe lining. You might have some unpleasant experiences with your sewer system, including water backup, a gurgling toilet, frequent clogs, rust spots, or a weird odour in and around your property. Other common reasons our customers choose to have their pipes inspected or relined could be knowledge of the last replacement, trees too close to where the lines sit, or low water quality.

How often should I have my sewer lines replaced?

We typically tell our clients that, depending on the material used, piping material generally lasts several decades, sometimes longer, save for unexpected damage. So, if you have your existing pipes relined and we monitor possible intrusions and potential issues, you may never have to replace your relined pipes. Again, this is situational and something we can consistently watch, as impaired pipes need replacement sooner.

What is the best type of sewer pipe for replacement pipes?

We receive a lot of questions concerning the materials we use, most of them asking about the best pipe for line replacement. Generally, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is what we turn to, as do most sewer line experts and professional commercial plumbers. PVC usually costs less, and it’s effortless to use!

Where does Luke Ginger Plumbing Offer Sewer Relining Services?

Our team offers services in Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Gesbourne, and beyond! You can contact our team for more information on our service areas and determine if we can visit your commercial location.

Avoiding Sewer Pipe Relining

When you know the status of your pipes, it’s relatively easy to avoid the need for sewer pipe relining. The time they were last updated, along with the location, will tell you everything you need to know about the state of your sewers. Also, looking out for warning signs that your system isn’t performing at optimal levels is essential.

If there’s a lot of trees around your lines, or you have yet to learn when they were last relined, it never hurts to have a professional come out and assess the situation. In doing this you’ll avoid severe damage from pipes left unattended. When lines are left on their own, substantial cracks and leaks can form, leaving it impossible to mould them correctly, and excavation might be unavoidable.

Avoiding the complete relining of your pipes is all about being proactive. Also, it’s important to mention that there’s no shame in knowing nothing about your lines. You can leave that up to us!

When to Call a Professional

Knowing when to contact a professional plumber will make all the difference regarding the ease of your pipe relining experience. Remember that older pipes typically need replacing sooner than newer ones, and even if they don’t, having them inspected will reduce the risk of problems occurring, regardless of the outcome.

Pipe relining is excellent for repairing lines in decent condition, except for the cracks and leaks that threaten deterioration. However, we may lean toward a complete pipe replacement if your pipes are significantly damaged or made of old, brittle materials.

Around the Clock Service

Our staff operates around the clock, meaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We prefer to provide as much value to our clients as possible, and we know the stress of urgent plumbing issues. If your situation can’t wait until morning, we can help!

Luke Ginger Plumbing offers unparalleled customer service and care, and we’re committed to solving your problems quickly and efficiently without delay. We’re on your side no matter the time, which is why we’re a top choice for various local commercial companies.

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We’re ready and waiting to uncover your business’s plumbing and pipe relining requirements. If you’ve noticed a difference in how your sewer system operates or you have no idea when it was last inspected, we can set up a consultation immediately. Allowing lines to go unchecked can end in disaster, so don’t hesitate to call us!

Luke Ginger Plumbing is your local, reliable commercial plumber with years of experience in various aspects of the trade. Get in touch with us today, and gain peace of mind regarding your sewer lines tomorrow.

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